Applespiel are a collective of young and emerging artists who collaborate as performers, musicians, technicians and devisers. Active since 2009, Applespiel evolved out of a shared interest in contemporary performance and a collaborative creative process. In developing new work, Applespiel find themselves increasingly involved in testing dynamic audience relationships, engaging in personal stories, and dissecting structures of mythology in society.

Applespiel are Simon Binns, Nicole Kennedy, Emma McManus, Mark Rogers, Troy Reid, Joseph Parro, Nathan Harrison and Rachel Roberts.

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Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead , Merrigong 2016.

Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead, Merrigong 2016.

Applespiel are young, whip-smart, tirelessly creative, and will no doubt be causing a ruckus for quite some time.
— Dee Jefferson, The Brag
It’s honest, witty and innovative work from the rising stars of contemporary performance
— Rebecca Saffir, The Brag
A quantum leap in the writing, structure and performance strengths of the group; promise of even better things to come
— Keith Gallasch, Realtime
Applespiel do indeed turn their narratives inside out, but their childlike humour, sincerity and perceptiveness endear rather than alienate them from their audiences, whom they clearly regard with the utmost intelligence. Applespiel seem to really know what they’re doing. This latest smart, self-assured, formally inventive work cements the troupe as true cultural innovators
— Lauren Carroll Harris, Realtime
The highlight was undoubtedly At the request of Carl Sagan, an improvised tour of space craftily composed by contemporary performers Applespiel… if you have the remotest interest in the Final Frontier, or perhaps just a penchant for obscure theatricals, this tour is highly recommended
— Tabi Jackson Gee, Melbourne Arts Club